Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rain boots

It was raining so much the past weekend I wished I still had my old bright yellow red boots that I wore a very very long time ago. Rain boots are just so cute, no wonder children love wearing them and jumping in puddles. I love that too! However, I don't walk to school anymore in the morning (sadly). The only walking I do is from house to car to office, so they don't have to a serious investment but rather a fun accessory for me. I like the bright solid colors as well as the plaid patterns.

Men: Gap (PRODUCT) RED&#153 wellies - cinnabar red

Men: Gap (PRODUCT) RED™ wellies - cinnabar red


Tretorn - Skerry Vinter W (White/Brown) - Women's $63.95

Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Lug - Women's $59.95

Naturalizer Finola - Women's $59.95

Mystical Rain Boot $29.99

Alloy's RAIN BOOT $29.50


CAPELLI NEW YORK PLAID rain boots $29.98

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