Monday, October 1, 2007

The Fake-shoe Boot

Some trends are easy to embrace, some are like exotic food that takes an acquired taste and takes some warming-up to (or not, depending on your initial reaction). Such is the case of the fake-shoe foot for me. I've seen them from a few designers (with Marc Jacobs leading the pack), and they really irk me. If I want to wear boots, I'll just wear real boots. And if I want to wear heels, I'll stick with real heels. I don't get the purpose of a fake-shoe boot. It's a novel idea, sure, but I'm not interested in tricking anybody, and I don't see how it helps make pretty of our legs and feet.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede ruffle boots $790. My guy says "these look like a fat woman's legs." His words, not mine.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mary-Jane detail boots $725. And these make you look like you have thick ankles. Who wants that?

Miu Miu Banana heel booties $510. Well these aren't as offensive. But still.

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