Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shopping Trip to Buffalo

Yesterday we went down to the States for a day of shopping. It wasn't a very fruitful day as we had hoped for. There weren't many sales and the prices in general were similar to what they are here in Canada. I guess right now isn't sales season. Thanksgiving is when the sales really start huh? However I'm still quite happy with what I got. I picked up some much-needed basics -- long sleeves tees in all the neutral colors, tights and thigh-high socks. I got a couple pairs of opaque tights from Old Navy which surprisingly are very good, very opaque and very elastic (no flattening bum :). In the store they were $8.50, on their website they are only $6.50. And I recommend going for a size bigger so they aren't stretched too much. And since they are so elastic even in a size bigger they still feel snug not baggy.

Women: Women's Opaque Tights - Beet Red Women: Women's Opaque Tights - Beet Red $6.50

Among the inexpensive trendy stores, I really liked Charlotte Russe. I just wish their online store shipped to Canada. While I was there, I got a dress, a sweater vest, and a pair of boots. They have some really cute boots, you should definitely check 'em out if you live close to a store.

Cowl Neck Dress $29.99

Knit Sweater $24.99

Strappy Boot $39.99

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Charlotte Russe said...

Hi Moi, so glad you found some great things at our store! Wanted to make sure you knew our online store now ships to Canada, so shop away!!! hope you're having a great day, your friends at Charlotte Russe