Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exclusive coupon from Lulu's

I'm so happy that my exclusive coupon code from LuLu*s Fashion Lounge is back in effect for a month! Get 15% off everything with the coupon code ma-petite-chou! I missed it, and I know some of you missed it too. So shop now before it expires on Nov 15. And you always get free shipping with orders $50 or more.

Bizz Princess Ruffled Mini Shift Dress in Cream $46. I want a cream colored mini dress to go my black thigh-high socks and my new 4.5 inch high glossy mary janes. This sweet innocent looking lacy dress is perfect.

B.B. Dakota Manhattan Red Coat $67. I think a red coat is a must for this winter, especially if you are used to dark winter coats. This one would be perfect for the mini cream shift above.

And of course I want to more big bags.

MOMA Handbag in Black $41
Basket Weave Handbag in Khaki $39
X Marks the Spots Perforated Dots Silvery Gold Handbag $39

And I can't get enough of the chunky jewelry.

Rhinestone Diva Bracelet in Teal $8
Amber Green Ice Queen Necklace $10

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