Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just for you - Maneater 20% off!

I love it when I can get you guys an exclusive coupon code from a fab store. All my dear Ma Petite Chou readers can get 20% off everything from Maneater Threads with the code MACHOU. If you are new to Maneater, then you should definitely check it out. If you are already liking what you see, well, 20% should help you make that buying decision a lot easier *wink*. I just got my bonus check this month. I think I will treat myself.

Geren Ford Keyhole Cocktail Dress $340. Another little black dress. I really need another? It's definitely different from my other ones. Geren Ford makes some really adorable little black dresses.

Stella & Jamie Balloon Pleated Cape Sweater in Black $264. I'm obsessed with big sleeved jackets right now. They make my arms look super slim. I can wear it over the dress below.

Fighting Eel Dress Adara in Grey $167 $135, another versatile dress that you can wear all year round. I'm more interested in layering it over a cozy pink cashmere top.

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