Thursday, October 11, 2007

M.A.C's super hydrators

I'm sure it's no secret to your beauty addicts out there that you can keep your makeup fresh throughout the day by spraying a hydrating mist on your face. It's really important to keep a spray hydrator around all the time because skin is like a sponge. When it loses hydration, it goes dry and rough. When you keep it super-hydrated, it's plumped and soft, and you get less visible wrinkles (ugh those pesky fine lines underneath the eyes). You should especially use one if you powder your face multiple times a day, as powder really accentuates the fine lines. Based on my own experience, it's not easy to find a good spray. It has to provide super hydration but cannot disturb the makeup. Now I can say I've found the perfect one at the M.A.C counter -- M·A·C Fix+icon $15! I can't tell you how much I love it! This fab skin refresher/finishing mist is loaded with vitamins, minerals and green tea extracts. You just spray it on and don't touch it. My skin just soaks it right up after I spray it leaving my skin glowing and supple without disturbing my makeup at all. And the sugi scent smells wonderful.

I'm also going to get the Charged Watericon ($19). It's also infused with anti-oxidants, and apparently this one has ions from a diamond, not only does it hydrate your skin, but it also makes it sparkle!

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