Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ALDO end of season sale!

ALDO is having an end of season sale. There's an extra 50% off on all the reduced boots. There are some great deals! And I love it that they charge a flat $7 shipping rate. Don't you just hate the escalating shipping fees based on the total price?

I especially like these boots. When I get end-of-season items, I usually go for the classic style, so even if I can't wear them for very long this year, I can still pull them out next year.

Emela, $149.99, on sale for $34.99.

Domenga, $109.99, on sale for $52.47.

Deseri, $129.99, on sale for $29.97.

I'm very critical about ankle boots. But I gotta say that this one is pretty. I like the knot a lot. Nadda, $169.99, on sale for $79.97.

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emigre said...

The Emela looks very good, the heel height looks to be walkable too.