Thursday, January 4, 2007

New trends in the new year?

I wonder what trends will continue into 2007 and what new trends will pop up. Remember back in 2006, many fashion magazines said that grunge would be big again, and we saw it on Marc Jacobs's runway, but it never really took off?

I personally was glad that it didn't. Instead, women went with the pretty/dressy/nice structure route with fluttery tops, flowy or body-hugging dresses, sexy tunics with leggings and tights, fabulous fitted jackets and coats, super skinny jeans, and ultra glam boots and pumps...but not all at the same time!

So what will be the next biggest thing after the skinny jeans (or are the skinny jeans going to be over soon?)? Are patent leather heels going out or it's still not too late to get a pair if you haven't gotten one yet? Are the gigantic totes going to get even bigger? What trends do you want to see stay for a long time and what trends are you happy to see them go? In the end, we wear what we love and what we feel comfortable in and what suits our tastes and expresses our personality the best. Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see. Hopefully 2007 will be a great year for Fashion again!


Maddy said...

I hope the skinny jeans return to the back of the closet and take all things patent leather with them. And thankfully, as far as the runways are concerned, it looks like '07 will be another good year for girliness. Whew.

emigre said...

Yellow is the new hot color, I hear.