Monday, January 22, 2007

Fedoras on guys

Speaking of hats in my previous post, I think guys should wear hats more often too, but not the baseball cap or trucker hat variety, but the fedora. I think it is HOT. It has an old-world gentlemanly feel, but on a young guy, it's just so funky and stylish, exemplified by Justin Timberlake. An article in New York Times, Old Hat? Not on a Young Head, talks about this trend. My guy and I were shopping the other day, I made him try on a few just for shits and giggles. They looked pretty good on him. However I'd have a hard convincing him to actually wear one. Like he says, we're suburbnites, it'd look over the top here, unless we go shopping on Queen Street West in Toronto.


ambika said...

Definitely. The baseball cap makes guys look like perpetual college students. The fedora makes them look like suave mofos. There's just no comparison.

Candid Cool said...

that picture of justin is an instant favorite, def. going in my inspiration pile