Friday, January 19, 2007

I want new hats

It just dawned on me today that the one thing that I haven't been buying for a very long time is hats! Which is so unlike me. I adore hats, and I'm one of those people who have a good "hat head". I used to buy hats all the time, all kinds of hats. And my guy loves seeing me wear hats, especially those fuzzy warm ones in the winter. He "complains" that I don't wear hats nearly often enough. Silly me, I have a drawer full of them. I'm going to look for some new winter hats, fortunately/unfortunately for us Canadians, the winter has only barely started. And for the spring and summer, I wonder what kind of hats will be popular, I'm sure we'll see some trend forecast pretty soon.

I've always been a fan of bucket hats and beanies. I think most girls look the cutest in them. They are just so easy to wear and very practical, not just all fashion and no function like some other style of hats. When I was young, my mom used to knit all my hats. I loved them. Since I have quite a few of them already, I want a babushka the most at the moment. I saw one at the mall the other day, I tried it on, my head looked huge, haha! But I loved it, though it was the wrong color, 'cause I want a white one for that snow bunny look.

These are a great deal. Of course you wouldn't wear all the pieces at once.
Preston & York Faux-Fur Accessories at
Hat,Orig. $38.00, Now $19.00
Scarf,Orig. $28.00, Now $14.00
Gloves,Orig. $20.00, Now $10.00
Leg Warmers,Orig. $40.00, Now $20.00

Oh and I had to show this picture. It is too adorable for words!

Minimink Chocolate Russian Hat $35.

Baby's probably thinking "good my head's warm now. But my bum's still cold."


emigre said...

I like hand-crocheted ones, tho they tend to stretch out really quickly.

S. said...

baby-hilarious, poor cold tush