Thursday, January 4, 2007

We don't need 10 face creams?

There seems to be a movement towards to simplistic skincare regimes in the new year according to this article The Cosmetics Restirction Diet in New York Times. One doctor even says what you really need is a good cleanser and a sunscreen! Wow imagine only 2 bottles by your sink! I cannot. I am guilty of having too many bottles and tubes and jars of stuff on my bathroom counter. But I'm trying to clean out the counter, throw away the ones that I don't use and store the ones I want to use later. I have too many blemish-control products (some don't work) and lots of sunscreens (none is perfect is for all seasons, all weathers, and various conditions that my skin is in at the moment).
One thing I don't do is succumb to the glamour of some ridiculously priced skincare products. The article keeps emphasizing that. I'm a big follower of Paula Begoun. She does wonderful truthful reviews on most of the beauty products on the market and recommends the drugstore brands over the expensive department store brands if the former does the same job, like Dove Sensitive Essentials Fragrance Free Day Cream I recently picked up. It's been working wonderfully for me so far and it cost me only $10.

I guess the ideal situation would be to have a cleanser, a moisturizer and a sunscreen that are perfect for your skin's needs, but that would require a great amount of research and trial and error, which is easier said than done 'cause before you know it, you end up with 10 different bottles of stuff again.


Dinah said...

What a great article. I really like the quote "Unlike drugs, cosmetics are not required to prove their efficacy". It really makes me want to go thru all my stuff.

ambika said...

I have a moisturizer with SPF, face soap and...that's probably it. With oily skin, the moisturizer thing has always been kind of optional for me--despite what the magazines say. Aveda did suck me into buying this toner/exfoliant liquid stuff that I do like but rarely remember to use.