Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dressy shoes on boring days

Lately I've gotten into wearing dressy shoes on weekdays with simple outfits. We all know weekdays are boring 'cause we have to go to work, it can be hard to get into the mood to dress up. I'm really lazy sometimes too, which doesn't help me at all. Sometimes I can wear the same black pumps for days in a row, just 'cause they go with everything! So I've been wearing some of my more dressy shoes with very simple outfits, which really works 'cause you can downplay the shoes AND add some style to the whole look. I wore my red shiny pumps that I wore to the company's Christmas party the other day with a black top and skinny jeans. That really brightened up my day somehow.

Speaking of red shoes, I'm looking on eBay and I want these.

from E Shoe Warehouse, one of my favorite sellers. These shoes make me think of Valentine's Day, romantic and sexy.


ambika said...

Holy cow, those are *extremely* hot. If I didn't already have a pair of similar heels, I'd be all over those.

S. said...

You MUST have them! The are absolutely devine!

And if your foot is a size 8, look out, I will be over to "borrow" them.

Moi said...

Haha...I wear size 7. You should snatch up a pair in size 8 on ebay! Quickly!

daddylikeyblog said...

How cool would it be if this idea catches on and the week becomes a style peer of the weekend?? I'm in.