Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dress-like trenches and jackets

(Burberry, Temperley, Catherine Malandrino, DKNY)

It seems that for the Spring, dress-like trenches and jackets (worn with bear legs, not jeans or leggings) are going to be really popular. I really like the style. It's a step-up from your regular trench, it's more figure- flattering, elegant and lady-like, just pretty enough for the spring.

I'd love me a coat dress from Stella McCartney's spring collection, $1,995 :O
Apparently it's made of 100% bamboo fabric. What is bamboo fabric? I didn't know bamboo could be made into fabric. It must be an expensive process.


S. said...

Oh, I lovelove them all especially that pale yellow one and the collar on the Malandrino.

ambika said...

Love this trend. TopShop has an affordable version in plaid.

fashionfoodculture-life said...

Those trench dresses are great. I actually have a Joie dress made out of 100% bamboo fabric, I have no idea how much it costs to do it but the dress feels exactly like cotten and was about $150ish. Either way I think it's pretty cool to have a dress made out of bamboo :)

Moi said...

I know! I can't wait to ditch the heavy winter coats and switch to the light trenches.

Fashionfoodculture-life, that's so cool :)

elleabelle said...

I love trench coats! I love all coats actually. I own about 40 coats. I am seriously obsessed.

marie@ said...

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Sha said...

I haven't worn my new trench-coat-top thingy out yet thanks for reminding me to!

It's trench all right, but its shorter than the average dress making it more appropriate for Singapore weather, heh.

The Burberry trench is LUX.

Candid Cool said...

a good shot in the arm to begin my search for the trench coat said...

We also have a great coat dress by Verrieres & Sako at Unsung - a new designer with a sexy, stylish line.

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