Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Poppie Couture Foldover Bags

Poppie Couture's Foldover Bags are all the rage right now. New York Times' fashion and style page highlighted them. The Bag Snob just did a piece on them too. I'm obsessed with clutches right now. These beauties sound so perfect, they are roomy and versatile. The colours are stunning, I especially love the shiny black croc, and the light blue python (you can see it on their website), great for day and night. And they don't have a price tag of $2000...however at $300, it's still pretty steep for everyday people like me. *sniff sniff*


dusk&summer said...

*sigh* i guess its replicas for us? lol

Dinah said...

Ohh I like this and I am totally into clutches now too!

Anonymous said...

I saw these poppiecouture clutches at Bergdorf Goodman and this week Jordin Sparks is carrying one in US weekly!