Thursday, January 11, 2007

How charming

It's probably the winter's fault 'cause a co-worker said I looked pale and asked if I was not feeling well. Well, I know I avoid the sun (and we haven't been getting much sunshine thesedays here in Southern Ontario), but I didn't think I looked pale either. I don't wear makeup during the week at all (nobody at my work wears makeup or dresses up, it's an uber casual tech company), except for lipgloss to keep my lips from cracking. However it probably wouldn't hurt if I tried to put on a little blush once in a while, if I had time in the morning, I'm always always in a huge rush in the morning. So I want new makeup, specifically blushes and eyeshadows in the warm pinkish tones. And I found this. I gotta say the snake accent makes it tres opulent and sexy. I'd get it just for its pretty case. And the colors are gorgeous too, I think most women can wear it. I'd just carry it in my bag and if somebody said I looked pale, I'd take it out and put some color on my face.

Lorac's Snake Charmer Face Palette $35, a palette for eyes and cheeks.


Robert Vandenbego said...

Hi! Really I like your blog, and your links are very interesting.

Robert Vandenbego
Madrid, Spain

S. said...

Ohh, I don't really care about make up and cute packaging but snake sexy. Love that clutch too.