Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Bikini Boot Camp

It's a little early to talk about bikini season...or is it? As trite as it sounds, a lot of people will still tell you that their New Year resoluation is to lose weight/get in shape/go to gym regularly. I also signed up for Goodlife Fitness club for the entire year (I do like their yoga class). More importantly, I just want to get some exercise and get away from my laptop more, I spend TOO much time in front of my laptop. Anyway, there's this article about Bikini Boot Camp in the Toronto Star today. If you live in Toronto, you can get into this program. I don't know if it's North-America wide, but apparently "...celebrities like Heidi Klum have jumped on the bikini boot camp bandwagon, espousing the benefits of similar hardcore weight-loss programs." The article compares the Bikini Boot Camp with actual army's basic training in various categories. I especially like the category Disobedience.

Bikini boot camp:

Nobody has cried yet, assures Scott. But if clients don't come to class attentive and ready to work, they'll be forced to do laps while everyone else is working out.

For those who do all of their reps at home, prizes like Lululemon merchandise and gift certificates for facials, massages and manicures will be given out.


"I can't really talk about that," says Abramczyk. "There are push-ups, though. I can say there are a lot of push-ups."

Boot camp punishments are a thing of legend, myth and secrecy. It takes a certain kind of person to have enough patience to clean out a latrine with a toothbrush, or to cut a lawn with scissors.

Well, I'd definitely do all my reps at home for some free Lululemon stuff and facials, massages and manicures. That'd be motivation enough for me.

So do you have any new year resolutions regarding your health and fitness? I'd love to hear about it, leave a comment :)


Dinah said...

I plan on exercising every morning for at least 50 minutes a day during the week and try to do something on the weekend.

BeautyGirl23 said...

I want to add meditation for stress relief.

Moi said...

Exercising in the morning is apparently great for you. I wish I was more of a morning person. I've been trying to get up early this week, it's very hard.

Meditation is a good idea. I might try it along with yoga.

Jenn said...

I've joined that boot camp that was in the Star...It is the most amazing program I've ever taken. In one week I've already lost five pounds, had a blast and I can't wait until next week. If you want to join you call 647 - 340 - 4023. I totally recommend it!