Thursday, January 25, 2007

List of my favorite shoe sellers on eBay

Seeing as how much time I spend on eBay, especially looking for shoes, and how many great deals I've gotten (I've had disappointments of course. A couple of pairs didn't fit well, so I sold them on eBay, which worked out in the end). I thought I should compose a list of my favorite shoe sellers to share with all my fashionista friends. They all have a big selection of styles, boots, pumps, wedges, peep-toes, stacked-heels, etc, and most of them start at low prices, $9.99 - $19.99. And their shipping charges are reasonable too. Unlike other sellers who charge like $30 for one pair, which is just ridiculous.

AMI Store

NYC House of Style

Cool Shoes MD

Ensemble Fashions New York Online

Glamour Girl Shoes

Gotham City Online

E Shoe Warehouse




BeautyGirl23 said...

I have a hard time sometime with buying shoes online. I can wear a 5 1/2 or 6 depending on the shoe. So sometimes I will buy both and return the one that doesn't fit.

emigre said...

great list of stores, thanks!

support said...

Great list you have it there.... thanks for the sharing!

Shoes are one of the things that I don't purchase online unless I've tried it in store and trying to get a better deal online.

Ebay is a great place to find some awesome deals ... if you know where to look!

Keep up the good work girl! See ya shortly!


support said...

The "supporter" above is Anne from Apples2apple. since you don't have a "other" option, I am not able to leave my contact info there. If you are interested in swap a link or something, find me at:

Bye for now and love to see you sometimes.

styleandsubstance said...

I have purchased a pair of stiletto boots and dress heels from eBay, and so far it's been a positive experience. I can't wait for Spring, the season of pretty!

Moi said...

Glad to hear positive experience from eBay :)
I'm watching some shoes and dresses again. I might do a list of sellers that sell cute clothes in the future.

platinum blonde said...

thanks so much...i have zero patience, so this really helps!

Dixie Carroll said...

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