Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Guy's perspective - silly shirt

This one needs no introduction. I bring you a new installment of "Guy's perspective".

Wow there are so many possible methods of attack for this horrible
horrible shirt. Well first off it makes me think of crappy drapes from a rumpus room in the 60s. It's really got that "Tacky Furniture" feel to it. It even trumps the classic gawdy button-down the "Hawaiian shirt", staple of drunken co-eds everywhere.

Also I think this type of shirt speaks of a certain type of personality. Like an overly brash used-car salesman or mayhaps your irratating uncle Larry, with the bad toupee. Once again I'm not on the cusp of fashion, but if this thing is what's considered fashionable I'm glad to be on the outside of the fashion world.

Wow, my wife just informed me this thing is 150 bucks! Holy crap! What guy wants to buy a nice belt or a good pair of shoes when they could just as easily blow that much on a shirt that looks like it was cut from a futon? Not this guy!

Hey I never made a jab about homosexuality this whole post! *cough* ghey *cough* sorry.


Maddy said...

It does looks like the fabric on the ottoman that my great aunt Dotty had in her living room. Stylin'.

ambika said...

Cute assessment :D

luxuryduck said...

my neighbor myrtle--actual name-used to have curtains that looked like the pattern on this shirt. dear lord...why was this made?



shredz said...


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ive already linked ur site


much love xx