Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adorable things I want to buy

Can you tell I'm really bored at work? I can't help it but to sneak on here, hehe. These are the things I'd buy if I weren't at work.

Classy Polka Dot Swing Dress $28. I can never have enough swing dresses!

Jelly Gold/Silver Low Heel Shoes $26. Not your normal ugly jelly shoes. I know a lot of people hate those jelly sandals. These are adorable though.

Monokuro Boo Metal Coin Bank $12.90. I love anything Monokuro Boo, and I need a piggy bank to store my guy's loose change that's scattered all over the house.

Blue Hearts Umbrella $16.90. I've been wanting a cute umbrella forever! And being Chinese, I'm not afraid to use umbrellas as "sun-rellas".

Strawberry & Cherry Shower Cap $2.50. Wearing a shower cap is terribly unsexy, but I don't care!

Pirate Skull Lace Chain Necktie $19.90. This is so silly it's actually really adorable. I'd be tempted to wear it over my conservative white shirt to work, I'm sure my co-workers would love that, lol.

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