Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Uber comfy foot cushions by Apara - life savers!!

While we are talking about gorgeous heels...

Gel Heel Appeal by Apara (2 pair pack) $10.

This awesome foot cushion for your heels is the answer to keeping our feet comfortably planted in our heels all day and preventing them from slipping out. I have this exact problem! With some pumps my feet constantly slip out. I've given away many a pair pumps because of this. These cushions are made of silicone and uber comfortable, and machine-washable. This is really a small investment to make.

Apara also has Gel Fete des Feet (1 pair pack) $15 and Gel Steppies (1 pair pack) $10. The Fete des Feet are for heel and arch cushioning and support. These are incredibly important if you're on your feet all day in your heels. Your poor arch and heel need help relieve the huge amount of pressure they endure all day long. The Steppies are for ball of the foot cushioning and to prevent feet from sliding forward, which is equally important, 'cause you know that makes excrutiatingly painful toes at the end of the day.

Darlings, get these and you'll look and feel sexy and confident in your heels :)


Amber said...

Do the Heel Appeal inserts prevent back-of-the-heel blistering?

Moi said...

Most definitely, amber, because the gel pad prevents the back of the heel from robbing againt your heel, which is how blistering occurs. Don't you just hate that?