Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bikinis that make you blush

Brette Sandler bikinis are amazing. Something about the designs is just so sexy, but not slutty sexy. It's not like they are especially more revealing than your regular ol' bikinis. As revealing as bikinis can be, they are actually not bad. Perhaps it's the sultry colors and the details like little rings, peep holes, constrasting panels, and ruchings that render the suites so unique and extremely sexy. Honestly, these are the best bikinis I've seen in a long time.

Carly Bikini in Pearl/PoppyCarly Bikini in Pearl/Poppy $159

Richie Bikini in Rose GoldRichie Bikini in Rose Gold $159

Margie Retro Bikini in Hunter and Rose GoldMargie Retro Bikini in Hunter and Rose Gold $159

Charlotte Button Front Bikini in NavyCharlotte Button Front Bikini in Navy $159

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