Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random celeb pics

Here I am browsing Page Six and celeb pics. Can you tell I'm b0red at w0rk? Hehe.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's getting cuter and cuter for some reason. Not that she wasn't cute in her Buffy days (uber cute, I loved Buffy!). I think she's more relaxed and natural-looking now.

I'll probably get hate mail about this, but I think Jessica Biel looks like a man. She's got a pretty face mind you, but her body is too, um, Rawr! Her deltoids and biceps can rivel Justin Timberlake's.

I want this stunning dress and Emmanuelle Chriqui's boobs to go with it!

Adroable Maria Menounos always looks great, she looks like she's at a photo shoot, not on a casual shopping trip. Love her hair and dress!

Oh did you hear Gwen Stefani's suing Forever 21 for stealing her Harajuku Lovers logo? How many other have sued Forever 21? Man, they really enjoy pissing designers/celebrities off. They better smarten up. Do you think all this negative publicity hurts Forever 21's sales? I personally don't think it matters to people who just want cheap trendy clothes.

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