Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent 'Lisse Expert' Line Eraser Kit

Yves Saint Laurent 'Lisse Expert' Line Eraser Kiticon $225.

Talk about high-tech skincare! With its sleek packaging, Yves Saint Laurent's anti-aging kit has futuristic flair and function. The mask's biopeptide complex combats wrinkles, while wheat extract soothes and glycolic acid exfoliates. A wrinkle-filling pen enables targeted plumping. My biggest fear is getting those frightening lines around the mouth *insert horror movie sound here*. Those lines make you look 20 years older and like an angry lady all the time! I'd be writing on my face with the wrinkle-filling pen 5 times a day!

(source: Elle Canada August 2007)

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