Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Brighten your skin

Even if you don't want to tan and are fairly strict with suncare like me, it's still very easy to get freckles and discolorations on the face in the summer, which I hate. So during the day I slather on sunscreen. And at night, I use a brightening product to keep the freckles away. There are quite a few excellent choices on the market now, unlike years ago when they tended to irritate your skin.

Shiseido 'White Lucent' Brightening Refining Softener: Light (N) $44. This is the one I'm currently using. You know I'm a faithful Shiseido user. I use their sunscreens and facial lotions. This one is so light it's perfect for the summer and doesn't burden my oily T-zone. It really evens out the skin tone.

Shiseido 'White Lucent' Brightening Protective Moisturizer (N) SPF 16 $48. And I discovered this brightening lotion with a SPF 16! This is perfect to use during the day. It'll provide you the double-duty protection from sun. I'm going to have to pick this up this week.

A friend of mine swears by Clarins' brightening lotions. She's convinced me to try this one. It also has an SPF, which is really important when you are using a brightening product because your skin might feel extra sensitive. My friend has radiant skin.
Clarins 'Bright Plus HP' Protective Brightening Lotion SPF 20 $55.

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