Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bigger is better

I bought these dresses in large instead of small. My guy was like "why? they are going to fall off you." And I said "that's the idea." I want them to hang really loosely on me. And I love layering, so I can come up with a completely different look with them than what they were originally intended for. Technically they are tunics, but in L they are like dresses. I did try on the S, which were body skimming. Sure it was sexy, but too boring and predictable. I like them in L much better, the way the waist line is hanging low on the hips is nonchalantly cooler. And besides jersey drapes really well, so they don't look ill-fitting in sizes that are different from your normal size.


Kori said...

Super cute! They look comfy too :) Where did you get them?

Moi said...

Thanks kori :) i got them at Fairweather.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Love the belted look!