Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Perfect brow is that easy?

Anastasia Five Item Brow Kit $65

Can shaping a perfect brow be made this simple? By plucking to the shape of the stencil? I've read some great reviews about this kit. This 5-piece kit includes 4 brow stencils, tweezers, blendable brow powder for the most natural brow color, an angled duo brush for clean application and brow gel to maintain the shape all day. We all know that Anastasia is the brow queen, she can work some kind of marvelous magic. Hollywood A-listers don't let anybody else touch their eyebrows besides her. Perhaps having this kit is almost like having her do your brows? Somehow I can't imagine how just 4 stencils can cater to all brow shapes and facial structures of millions of women. I do try to pluck my brows diligently. But I've yet to achieve the "beautifully sculpted" look. Could this kit do it? Have any of you used it? What do you think?

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