Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cute things - Betty Boop accessories

I love Betty Boop and I'm a little shy to admit that, teehee. She's just so cute, I can't resist her even though I'm getting too old for her. I found all these cute Betty Boop handbags and wallets on All Things Trendy and I'm quite giddy about ordering one although my friends are going to laugh at me, lol. I wish the picture quality was better.

Betty Boop Luggage Travel Handbag Purse Sexy Lips and Legs $29.99

Betty Boop Luggage Travel Handbag Purse Sweetheart $26.99

Betty Boop 2Cute4U License Plate Handbag Purse $69.99

Betty Boop and Pudgy Heart Wallet $17.99

Betty Boop Lucky Lady Las Vegas Dice Wallet $17.99

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