Friday, February 8, 2008

Last minute gifts

Today's posts are all about bling eh? Valentine's Day's only a week away! I'm in the mood for looking at beautiful fine jewelry. My cousin told me she and the boy she's been dating are officially a couple now. I'm so happy for her. She's a girl with high standards, I'd imagine the boy's under extra pressure to get her some good gifts. Hehe...Lee, if you are reading this, I jest. But if you are looking for a good gift, here are some last minute gift ideas. Jewelry is all I say, like this dazzling 2 CT Ruby & Diamond 14K White Gold Heart Pendant w/Chain($600 $195) from Right now they are offering 20% off everything plus free shipping with the code VDAY20. The prices are way better than jewelry stores' because you know they mark things up a LOT.

2 CT Pink Sapphire & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring $595 $195 - 1/4 CT Sapphire & Diamond Circle Pendant $195 $95

1/2 Carat Princess-Cut Diamond 4-Stone Set 14K White Gold Earrings $1000 $295

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