Thursday, February 21, 2008

When my hair is in a trasition period, it needs extra care

It's been almost 9 months since my last magic hair straightening (also called thermal reconditioning, I later on learned), my hair has grown out quite a bit and has gotten much pouffier and less straight and sleek. It's almost time for my yearly hair straightening again, but I'm going to try to hold out for it until the winter's over. The summer is when my hair really craps out and needs this procedure the most because of the humidity. So in the meantime, I just have to give my hair extra attention to keep it under control. I'm slathering on hair treatment every time I wash my hair. I have these on rotation right now.

Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask $22.50. Pretty much every beauty and hair junkie I talk to swears by Frederic Fekkai. It's pretty pricey, but for once-a-week treatment, it's worth it. My hair's the kind of hair that I need to sleep on to get the most of the pouffiness out in the morning. Any of you know what I'm talking about? If you have fine hair, you don't know what I'm talking about. I have way too much volume, so watching hair and blow drying in the morning doesn't work for me. I have to wash it at night and sleep on it. This hair mask really puts the moisture back in my hair. It's so light-weight you can even use it as a leave-in conditioner, so sometimes I put it on the ends of my hair before I blow-dry.

Biolage by Matrix Conditioning Balm $22 $19.97. I've always liked Matrix products. I used to shell out the bucks for their shampoo and conditioner before the rebirth of my hair. After I got my hair straightened, I discovered that my hair no longer required expensive shampoo and conditioner so I was happy to save some money, but I still get the hair balm once in a while when my hair needs it, like now. It really tames the hair and makes it silky and healthier-looking.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask $6.99. I pretty much always have this one in my bathroom. You don't need a lot to coat all the hair. It's very moisturizing, I don't put it close to my scalp though otherwise my scalp gets oily. It works great and it's cheap.


deedee said...

Ha! I do the same thing with my hair, the washing at night and then sleeping on it. I started having my hair straightened a few years ago and I love it. I just had it done last week. I can generally go about 7 or 8 months before I have to have it redone but it's sooo worth it just to reduce my crazy volume and frizz. Thanks for the recommendations!

Moi said...

deedee, so glad you understand my hair woes, lol :D
Don't you just love the silky feel of your hair after the straightening?