Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sexy shoes for V Day

There's really no excuse not to wear sexy heels on V Day, if only to please yourself. And if you have a guy to please, it won't hurt either. If you are like me, prefering classy/classic pumps and boots, the chances are your guy would probably want to see you in something more va-va-voom. Take a look at these sexy heels I have for you, all from, a fab store to get affordable lovely shoes.

Shiekh FD LULU-S Shiekh FD LULU-S $39.97. Aahh what would be sweeter to wear cute little heart accents on the V Day?

Michael Antonio MT LE DRS SND Michael Antonio MT LE DRS SND $49.97. I really like the satin t-strap, much better than the leather kind. These will be great for a night of dancing with your sweetheart.

Shiekh Elc Melina 17 Shiekh Elc Melina 17 $49.97, gotta have pretty pink shoes, which are perfect for a special date on V Day.

Shiekh FD FALCON Shiekh FD FALCON $39.97. Sure it's a mary jane, but it somehow speaks naughty to me.

Michael Antonio EMS ABIAN Michael Antonio EMS ABIAN $39.97, strappy sandals are always sexy. I just wish I could wear them out.

Shiekh FD Shilo-H Shiekh FD Shilo-H $49.97, imagine pairing these with your sexiest lingerie...oohh la la!

Shiekh FD Anita Shiekh FD Anita $39.97


Live Fabulously said...

I love the satin t-straps. can't believe how cheap they are!

WanKing said...

Aren't those strappy sandals gorgeous!