Monday, February 4, 2008

My belated birthday gifts to myself

I've been waiting for my birthday gifts from myself from one of my absolute favorite websites Yesstyle. Even though they are a little late, they are finally here!

Hash Multi-Pocket Bag. I've wanted a bag with lots and lots of pockets forever. This one is just what I need. It's got two side pouches, four pockets at the front and one at the back just on the outside! All the pockets are easy to access with either zippers or magnetic closures. And it comes with a shoulder strap too. I'm finally organized now :)

Trisha Lustrous Back Patent Pumps. Girls at work keep gushing over these. They love the silver glitter, the ribbons and cute little pearls on the back. They asked me what store I got these from, I told them they probably wouldn't find them in stores here, just have to go to YesStyle's website ;)

Trisha Croc-Print Trim Platform Pumps. Another pair of pumps from this Korean brand Trisha. They make such fun shoes. Really love the croc-print heel and platform.

IZAR Double Breasted Flare Coat. I couldn't ask more from this mere $38 coat (best deal ever). Love love love. Initially I wanted a white one, I really wanted a light color coat because I was tired of wearing dark ones. But the white was sold out. The grey one ended up being a good choice since I already have white coats, but no grey coats. I still have at least two months to get lots of wear out of this one.

59 Seconds Metallic Plaid Dress with Bow. This dress looked so adorable I just had to have it. My guy couldn't understand my obsession with giant sleeves. But even he had to admit it looks cute. I tried belting it, but it ended up making the sleeves look extra gigantic (not in a good way). So no belting. It sorta presents the challenge of wearing this dress underneath a coat. There's so much fabric on the sleeves that bunch up inside the coat sleeves. Uncomfortable, lol. But I don't care, the dress is cute-ah.


Kori said...

I always wonder what the sizing is like at that site. What do you think?

Moi said...

Kori, I find the sizing is pretty much the same as here. I didn't find any difference :)