Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Old Navy Spring 2008 Trunk Show

I was running some errands after work last night. On the way I stopped by the mall and got drawn in by Old Navy's new spring stuff. It's so nice to see some light colors again, even the neutrals look much brighter. I was grabbing stuff to try on like crazy.

My favorite look is this one. I could easily wear it to work since my workplace is uber casual. The jacket looks quite tailored. The way that is only the top button is buttoned up and the red tank peeking through is really cute. And the jeans have that trouser feel so they look more work appropriate.
Cropped Safari Jackets - Safari Olive $39.50
Braided Trim Keyhole Tanks - Warm Fire Red $14.50
Lowest Rise Wide-Leg - "The Diva" Patch-Pocket Jeans - Dark Authentic $34.50
Floral-Tab Belt - Endive $16.50

Also love this look. I like this animal print sweater because it's not loud. I don't tend to wear animal print for warmer weather because I feel the print is a bit too heavy (I'm sure that's just me), but this one is precisely not. And paired with the pleated short shorts, the whole outfit looks so much fun. And the sandals, love the chunky sandals. How I long to wear sandals!
Animal-Print Sleeveless Sweaters - Dark Chocolate $26.50
Low-Rise Pleated Denim Shorts (3 1/2") - Rinse $22.50
Platform Sandals - Black $34.50
Wooden-Handle Clutches - Natural $19.50

There are so many fun accessories too. I just wanted to grab 'em all!
Women: Women's Slouchy Leather Hobos - Salt Women: Women's Canvas Wedges - Natural

Women: Women's Ivory Bangles - Ivory Women: Women's Double-Disk Drop Earrings - Silver

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