Friday, February 22, 2008

Swimsuit time?

Why do stores like to taunt us so much? This is the bleakest time of the year, stores have already offered up new swimsuits for us to look at and weep. I can't help but wanting to try some on. I wanna early do you start buying swimsuits or thinking about buying swimsuits? I'm obsessed with these, not that I have any use for them right now.

Hot damn! Why are Betsey Johnson's swimsuits so sexy?
Betsey Johnson Parasol Underwire Top $98 and Betsey Johnson Parasol Cheeky Bottom $68.

Betsey Johnson Beauty Cutout Bandeau $78 and Betsey Johnson Beauty Skirted Bottom $98

Betsey Johnson Zigfield Bandeau Top $88 and Betsey Johnson Zigfield Skirted Bottom $98

Betsey Johnson Zigfield Onepiece $118. Hey big bow! Bows are everywhere, why not on a swimsuit right? So cute!

Also love this one, very retro-chic and coyly sweet.

Lux Lollipop Floral Swimsuit $98.


Stefanie said...

My pick: Lux Lollipop Floral Swimsuit. Cute!!


emigre said...

Totally gorgeous finds, they're prettier than lingerie.