Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Uglier than Uggs

As if it's not bad enough that Uggs won't die, we gotta have bad imitations of Uggs too? Don't these look like camel's feet? Oh God, make 'em stop.

BLUE SUEDE SHOE girls round toe suede bootie $18.97

BLUE SUEDE SHOE girls round toe suede bootie $18.97


Cherish said...

I had to laugh!!! Those look horrible!
But I must admit... I've been converted. I thought Uggs were the worst invention ever (next to crocs) until I saw the new Ugg Cardy and I actually put a pair on. It like walking on pillows. Wow... I'm sold on the REAL Uggs. Now those horrible imitations should have been reason enough for someone to get fired. LOL

Moi said...

Yeah cherish, i have to admit the real Uggs are uber comfy, and I know they are almost additive, so I'm staying away from them, lol.

Amy said...

you can compare UGGs to another famous Australian product: Vegemite... you either love them or hate them.

Anonymous said...

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