Monday, February 4, 2008

Style-world's new power elite

This picture can't be real. Radar magazine thinks "Teen Vogue intern Lauren should be fetching coffee. Instead, the reality starlet is a budding designer with her eye on Anna Wintour's job." If you were asked who would have the audacity/ability to take AW's job, Lauren Conrad would be the last one on anyone's mind. But apparently L.C. has a lot more power in fashion than we thought. Radar ranks her number one in its Fashion's New Power Posse list.

"We really do get the icons we deserve. In 1968, it was Jackie Kennedy. Fast-forward to 2008 and our aspirational logic has imploded, thanks to a 22-year-old former surf groupie whose mind-numbingly banal—and yet, strangely fascinating!—life as a Teen Vogue intern is cataloged on The Hills, MTV's most lucrative invention since the music video. Through the power of basic cable, the coffee-fetching ingenue has been catapulted to instafame. Rumor has it that LC so upstaged her bosses that they're trying to stuff the front-row genie back in the bottle, severing their ties with the reality series. But Conrad, said to be landing at a new glossy this year, is unstoppable. Millions of tweens believe passionately in her fairy tale, and they all get allowances. The Lauren Conrad Collection launched in September 2007, featuring a 10-piece line of camera-ready dresses best accessorized with a caramel tan and a blank stare. Roll your eyes, but Conrad, in her pearls, headbands, and empire-waisted floaty dresses, is the mild-mannered muse of the moment."

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Eli said...

That show was such a joke. Its a shame that people who dont work for things get them served into their hands sometimes.