Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Girly pretty tunic

Pretty and refreshing. And I quite like the yellow-grey color combo, which you can easily work into your fall wardrobe by layering a black silk blouse or a deep purple puffy capped top. Ruffles, ribbons and light jersey don't have to go away when the fall comes.

59 Seconds Drawstring Neckline Skirt with Ruffle Hem Yellow $25 on sale for $20. While you are at it, check out other items from the Hong Kong label 59 Seconds. I like their stuff.


My Denim Fling said...

I'm so lovin' the yellow and grey. Yellow is my fav and the design is just darling. Not to mention the "you have to buy 3 price! :)

Lisa said...

I found these same fabulous designer tunics at at unbelievable prices