Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A look for the fall

There's so much talk about fall-shopping going around, it's really contagious, you know that? I couldn't tune it out. Now while I still shop for summer sales, I keep my eyes peeled for fall too, which is a lot of fun I must say.

So while browsing, I completely fell in love with this look. Who knew a demin dress would look so cute! I wasn't so big on the whole demin dress. Too much demin covering too big of an area is never a good thing. But this DENIM TRAPEZE DRESS is just perfect, maybe it's the crisp dark wash, maybe it's the girly ruffles on the shoulders.

And the PLAID SHIRTDRESS $39.50, takes the cuteness up a notch (as if it wasn't enough already!).

But my absolute favorite piece in this look are these gorgeous pumps. Sexy chunky heels and a stunning color. CANDY APPLE HEEL $32.50. *drools*

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