Friday, February 9, 2007

Bliss Manicure's Best Friend

Bliss Manicure's Best Friend .5oz

Bliss Manicure's Best Friend .5oz
Arrgh, it's bitter bitter cold. I have the driest hands and cuticles in the world. I can have hangnails on all my fingers if I don't religiously apply hand cream, especially in the dry office air (and the cheap ass hand wash in the washroom doesn't help either). When my cuticles aren't neat, I don't even want to put on nail polish 'cause it just looks sad. I'm so glad I picked up this Bliss hand cream. It really is manicure's best friend. It exfoliates, rehydrates and conditions the cuticle area with butter, jojoba oil and green tea extracts, my cuticles look much smoother and neater. You don't need much of this stuff to cover both hands. Darn hangnails, be gone!

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