Tuesday, February 6, 2007

She's the queen

New York Times has the best Fashion and Style section in my opinion. I've been getting my Fashion Week feed from there. They have tons of reviews, pictures, and videos. I came across this interesting article on Anna Wintour, Citizen Anna. She is quite fascinating.


“No one says no to her,” Mr. Roberts said. “And, in a weird way, it’s not her fault.”

Lacking mortal patience, Ms. Wintour is unlikely to help people who feel intimated by her, but at least by her efforts she can show them worlds that might have been unavailable to them, and maybe, in the process, allow them to see her as Shelley plain. “I don’t understand what people are scared of,” Ms. Price said. “That they’re going to have a lesser relationship with Anna? I think they want to be closer, but they don’t know how.”'

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