Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Scary feet on the runway

Woah!! These are beautiful shoes. BUT the feet in them...MERCY!

Holy old leathery wrinkley foot! It probably belongs to a girl who's not even 20. Too much fake bake and not enough exfoliating and moisturizing? I'm sure walking the runway is a hard job day in and day out, that poor foot could really use some good care (I'm not being sarcastic :p). And the gnarly knuckles...but that's not her fault.

A toe hanging over the bottom of a sandal really irks me. It is just not attractive and lady-like, not to mention uncomfortable. (I see that in the summer more often than I like. The worst is when all 5 toes going over the edge...like talons). And I always assumed that models must have pretty pedicure. Well, these nails aren't pedicure-d. And I don't think her leg's shaved either.

(source: style.com)


S. said...

I am so with you on the foot thing. I think the problem is really these shoes are not designed to function well. You have to do weird things with your toes to keep the shoe on while your walking. It makes your toes look all knobby and your veins pop out. Yeah, and in real life you definately shouldn't wear the shoe if your toes hang over. The shoe may be gorgeous but, you won't be. I don't think models have alot of choice though. They get made to wear shoes that are incorrect for their feet. I once heard a runway model say that they have the absolute worst feet every with lots of foot health problems.

That's why I don't think outrageously priced shoes are worth it. Much goes into aesthetics but, for the price I want function as well.

Moi said...

So true, S. If the shoe doesn't fit, no matter how gorgeous, we shouldn't sacrifice our feet to wear it.

Konstantine said...

Hahahah, this is hilarious