Thursday, February 8, 2007

New dress

I just bought this chiffon dress on eBay. I hope it looks as pretty as it does in the picture, especially the color turns out right. I love the light blue (my favorite color) shade. If it turns out great, I'll add the seller to my "favorite seller list" and I'll recommend it to my fashionista friends here.

I'll be wearing it lots in the summer for sure. But as you know I love doing the layering with flowy dresses in the winter. Girls, any advice for me how to layer this one? What kind of top and what color? I know I tend to stick with one certain style. I love to hear all kinds of suggestions :D


Fashionasia said...

I always love babyblue with white!!
match with lots of white!!!

Moi said...

Thanks fashionasia for the fab suggestion. babyblue and white is probably the cutest color combo ;)