Thursday, February 15, 2007

Guy's perspective - shoe or armor?

Who doesn't love punkass funky shoes once in a while? But I'd say this one has gone a little too far. My guy summed it up pretty good. I bring you a new installment of "Guy's Perspective".

Whoa easy there Xena Warrior Princess! Oh I'm sorry you're not Xena? Then what's with the crazy Amazonian Warrior clogs?

The rivets and leather on these shoes makes me think "Armor" not "Clothing". Perhaps it's geared towards the she-beast man-woman who likes to look her best when fighting hordes of barbarians. Although I guess the open face and straps would leave your instep and Achilles tendon vulnerable for attack.

Hmmm, maybe it's for the days when you hang up your sword and shield and decide to just lounge around the tribe's fire and have a relaxing day skinning animals or forging stuff.

All sarcasm aside these shoes look more like part of a costume than part of a wardrobe and my first thought if I saw you wearing these things is that you're probably a kinky girl. So if you're a kinky girl or you simply enjoy wearing armor, by all means go nuts. If however those two classifications don't apply to you I'd avoid these shoes.


S. said...

Enjoyable as usual

ambika said...

My gut reaction was, 'Oh cute!' but I totally see what your bf was saying. Very funny.

Alison said...

ha those shoes are crazy and .... crazy.