Sunday, February 4, 2007

Is Spring here yet?

February blahs are real. On both days of the weekend, we had friends over, and we were lounging around and eating sweet potato pie and lamenting that the weather is too brutal for us to go anywhere. So we resorted to online shopping.

As soon as I saw this top, I said "it makes me miss spring. I really wish the winter would be over soon." It looks so air-light in the soft silk and the faint mint color. I imagine myself wearing this walking around Kensington Market in Toronto on a sunny day. Going to outdoor markets in the summer is what I miss right now. Silk empire-waist tunic $68 at Banana Republic.

So tell me what piece(s) of clothing or accessory do you miss wearing in spring and summer? For me, it's my soft chiffon tops and dresses that I can wear as they are (without layering). They are flowy and pretty and always put me in a good mood.


Rebecca said...

That top is so pretty! You inspire me to try some prettier, girly stuff.

I suppose what I miss from spring and summer is wearing skirts without hose. And toenail polish.

And I do loosen up and become a little more daring when it's very hot. But with teenagers that's tricky (I never want to embarrass them and, in certain ways, they are more conservative than I am).

Oh, and I rarely wear white until the sun comes back out. I love white.

Dinah said...

I really miss my flip flops and sandels the most.

ambika said...

Ooo, I just got a gift certificate to Banana. I'll have to try on that top--so cute!

Flashy_Shades said...

i'm with dinah... its the flipflops that evoke sighs when i see them in the closet. also, there is nothing quite like a sundress.

Moi said...

Oh thanks Rebecca.

Yep I miss sandals, sundresses, sunshine on the skin and all those wonderful things, too. *sigh*