Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Juice Couture for Valentine's Day

I'm so in love with Juice Couture's love charms. I wish I could get them all! Well, a girl can dream, can't she? They'd make perfects gifts (unless you're expecting diamonds, lol).

Juice Couture Heart Charm Bracelet $128.00. The charms look good enough to eat!

Lovestruck Cluster Charm Bracelet $98.00. The little angel and the pink heart with the arrow are so darling.

Lip Gloss Bracelet $75.00. I love lip gloss charms! The two shades of gloss are light pink and dark pink, which are just gorgeous. And I love the tiny crowns at ends of toggle bar.

I'd squeel in delight if I received these gifts. Girls, show this to your boyfriends *wink wink*.

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Sean Carter said...

Hey these are absolutely wonderful...and with valentines Day coming up they would make great gifts as well...thanks for sharing these with us...and hey since Valentines day is upon us i've also posted a few ideas and suggestions over at my blog on Valentines Day so drop by sometime and share all the love it's filled up with!!!