Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh sandals how I miss you - Part 2

Oh God, looking at these unsightly things makes me want to get sick of wearing boots now, especially the winter boots that I've been wearing most of the days because it's just easier walking in the snow and they do keep my legs a little warmer. I have 3 pairs to alternate with. As cute as my boots are, I could really take a break from them. And WINTER, mostly importantly. It is not the boots' fault. I love boots! They make me feel cool and hip and fashionable, how can I not love them?! It's the pesky weather. Sorry dear boots, I will love you again come next winter. Right now nothing would make me happier than to put on some sandals. Let's gaze at these fab sandals together. The fact that none of these are over $200 is making me want to take out my credit card *SIGH*.


Prada $188




VIVIA $110


More white please

Besides the white bags I want to get for spring, I can't wait to start wearing white dresses, white tops, white pants, white anything again.

Foley for Foley + Corinna Waisty Silk Dress

Foley for Foley + Corinna Waisty Silk Dress

$390. I LOVE this dress! I know I say "this is the prettiest dress (or shoe) I've ever seen" practically everyday. Well, this one is!(or at least one of them.) Looking at it reminds me once again just how fantastic it is to be girls 'cause we can wear such pretty things!

LaROK Lola Top

LaROK Lola Top
$138. WOW so sexy. This is the prettiest top ever! LOL, I'm serious.

And these much more casual (and much cheaper) white dresses are darling too. They look so summery and light. Makes me wish I was at the beach right now.
Grace Eyelet Dress $44.50.

Nikki Dress $44.50

Ava Eyelet Dress $44.50

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Evening dress for the day

I decided to wear one of my black dresses as a day dress today. I hope I'm not over-dressed, especially for work. Lately I've been in the mood to wear some of my more formal dresses for some reason. The cream knit top should tone it down quite a bit 'cause it's definitely not appropriate to wear the deep v-neck and sleeveless dress to work just by itself :P (at least for my work).

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Picture of a lady

Nabi Sexy Ruffled V-Neck Satin Blouse $72.
My cousin is going on a first date with a guy who she's been corresponding but hasn't met in person. He sounds like such a good catch. I really hope he's as good as he sounds. She wants to look ultra elegant for the date. As soon as I saw this blouse, I thought it was first-date perfect! It's totally romantic and graceful, plus young and adorable as well. The v-neck shows a bit of skin, but not too much. It's always been my belief that you should look like a lady on your first date. Crank up the sexiness for the second date if he deserves one ;)

Kors makes you tall!

The sandals and pumps from Kors for this spring are higher than high-heel! Seriosly, a 2 inch platform plus a 5 inch heel, that is high! I love it. They just look so cool and funky, and they make your legs look a mile long. I'm contemplating saving my money for one pair of these.

KORS Shoes Lindquist Platform Sandal

KORS Shoes Lindquist Platform Sandal

KORS Shoes Lattitude Platform Sandal

KORS Shoes Lattitude Platform Sandal

KORS Shoes Spice Leather Platform Pump

KORS Shoes Spice Leather Platform Pump

KORS Shoes Egypt Cork Sandal

KORS Shoes Egypt Cork Sandal

Being a gentleman will never go out of style

I read this very interesting article that I totally agree with on called GENTLEMEN OF THE WORLD, UNITE! Come on, men of America. Shut off your cell phone, yank up your pants, and let the ladies go first. I'm sure you ladies will love this. What it says is so true. It's a shame that so many people think that the old-fashioned gentlemanly good manners and courtesey are not cool or outdated thesedays. Being a gentleman simply shows the man has substance AND style.


Years ago, a man who had matured beyond a certain age automatically knew how to do things. He knew how to behave on a plane, in a hotel, in a box at La Scala. He knew how to mix a perfect Rob Roy, how to shine his brogues, how to woo a woman with no other weapon than his own wit, how to dress for a power breakfast with his boss; he knew, furthermore, how to spell, how to keep his pants from sagging, how to shut the fuck up in a public space, and how to recover from a career setback without feeling compelled to videotape his swollen member.

Maybe we should start learning those things again. Maybe, if we all try just a little bit harder, the modern American man can be more than the chucklehead we see on countless sitcoms and commercials, crop-dusted with Doritos crumbs and stupefied in front of the flat-screen. Have the last remnants of civilized society crumbled like the Colosseum? Have MTV, Kevin Federline, Casual Fridays, permissive Boomer parenting, and the consumer-electronics industry obliterated all the old standards of cultivation and courtesy? If so, maybe it’s time to bring on the backlash.

Yes, America in these infant years of the 21st century may be awash in money, but it’s also awash in the most loutish, thuggish, clownish, and pantyless hordes since the fall of Rome. The traditional connection between wealth and what used to be known as savoir faire has vanished. Which is why a corrective is in order: a return not to upper-crust priggishness but to a state of personal refinement. It’s time to acknowledge the simple pleasure and power of knowing things. It’s time to admit that a reasonable man should, at a reasonable point in his life, undergo a psychic shift, after which he no longer yearns merely to flip society the bird. It’s time for the dudes of America to grow up and start acting like gentlemen.


Oscar del la Renta, a perfect example of a gentleman, also gives
gentlemanly advice

Monday, February 26, 2007

Deal Alert - Karanina Claudette Dress

Karanina Claudette Dress

Karanina Claudette Dress
Originally $295.00 on sale for $88.50!! What a sexy dress. Your cleavage would look fabulous in it, especially if you are a blessed voluptuous girl. And the wrap and foldings make the waist look tiny too.


So the Oscars were last night. I didn't watch it. Did any of you watch it? But I did look at lots of pictures of stars in their gorgeous gowns. This year there were soooo many great gowns, it's really hard to pick a favorite. And strangely, there weren't realy any quirky/crazy outfits. Everybody was just more glamorous. Some of my favorites are:

Jennifer Lopez looked like a goddess in crystal-encrusted lilac silk Marchesa gown. And her hair is so gorgeous and old-hollywood glamorous!

Reese Witherspoon looked amazing! I think her body has never been this good ever. Good for her to get into such great shape after her divorce! The strapless, tiered Nina Ricci gown is such a gorgeous number, looks gorgous on her.

Kate Winslet looked simply beautiful in this pale green, one-shouldered Valentino gown. I think she looks the best when she's not trying to pull off some complicated gown. This one suited her perfectly, it's simple and feminine and the color is just so flattering.

Nicole Kidman looked so slim in her crimson Balenciaga dress. I heard some people aren't too crazy about the big bow. I really love the long trailing ribbon though.

I'm not too crazy about Jennifer Hudson's outfit though. She was getting so much buzz before the Oscars. People were wondering what she was going to wear. Her Oscar de la Renta chocolate chiffon gown is beautiful I think, but her cropped jacket I'm not too crazy about (apparently she had her own designer make the jacket), she should've just shown more skin and her curves.